Safety Policy

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Safety Programs

In the spirit of practicing what we preach, C&F has implemented comprehensive safety programs that allow us to deliver on our concrete commitment to safety. Safety is essential to our success and well-being of every employee.

Safety Training and Compliance Programs

The following is a brief outline of C&F’s Safety Program that is included in the C&F Safety Handbook and Training Video.

Safety Management

Management personnel from the president through the first line supervisor attend formal safety training sessions. This improves safety awareness and provides instruction for implementing safety regulations on the construction site. When required, this safety training is provided at the job site so that coworkers can recognize unsafe conditions and acts and prevent injury by eliminating them.

New Hire Orientation

New C&F coworkers attend safety orientation training. Each new coworker is issued a C&F Safety Handbook and views our safety video, available in both English and Spanish.

Scheduled Training

C&F schedules OSHA re-certification training throughout the year. Hands-on safety training that provides the employee with the safety certification needed to be OSHA compliant.

Periodic Job Review

Periodic job site reviews are conducted by the Safety Specialist of an OSHA compliant company and the C&F Safety Officer to help ensure full compliance with C&F Safety Policies, OSHA, and any other applicable local, state, or federal regulations. The Safety Specialist and C&F Safety Officer assesses the effectiveness level and performance of all job site personnel in meeting C&F Safety Standards as well as those required by any other regulatory body. The results of the review are discussed with job site management. Before the Safety Specialist leaves the job site, all areas requiring improvement are addressed and corrective measures are communicated to every coworker on site.

Weekly “Safety Meeting Topics” Discussions

C&F Safety Day by Day & Injury Illness Prevention Program includes weekly “Safety Meeting Topics” which are distributed to the first line supervisors. Each week a 15-minute Safety meeting is recommended for every crew. Specific topics are discussed, but more importantly, supervisors are requested to discuss recent injuries, unsafe acts, additions to Hazard Communications, and upcoming work requiring any special precautions for their crew.

Accident Reporting and Documentation

Accident reports are reviewed by the Regional Safety Manager, C&F Safety Officer, and Project Manager. Corrective action is taken when required.