Integrity | Experience | Performance


Our Beginning

Adrian and Rob have worked together since 1985; from 1985 through 1992 with Sanchez & Hernandez Concrete Contractors and from late 1992 through early 2011 with Inland Concrete Constructors. They have essentially grown-up in the business together while developing complimentary talents. Adrian strengths lie in field operations while Rob’s are focused in the office. They embrace a business philosophy centered upon a complete and equal meshing of office and field and the knowledge that great companies depend upon the quality of the people they employ. At the heart of their working relationship are common values, work ethic and commitment to excellence. All of this combined is the heartbeat and foundation of C & F.

Perhaps the greatest testimony that we can provide is that our workforce in the office and field are primarily comprised of personnel with whom we’ve been associated throughout our careers. They are all an integral part of who we are as a company, as well as being the fuel for C & F achieving our vision for the future.

The same is true of the relationships that we share with our clients, the majority of whom are founded upon years of doing business. These past relationships provided opportunities when C & F was born. We are very fortunate to be blessed with some of the greatest clients our industry has to offer. As with all relationships, the key is to work hard to make them even stronger. We are committed to doing exactly that.

Our Commitment

In order to achieve ongoing success, we commit to the following:


• Integrity and respect will be part of every business relationship and transaction that we enter into
• We will provide the highest level of performance and quality to our clients
• We will provide our clients with competitive, fair pricing
• We will service our clients with a goal to build strong, long-term, healthy, mutually beneficial business relationships with them
• We will build strong, long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with our suppliers and outside services
• We will treat our employees with respect, fairness and appreciation… in recognition that they are the backbone of our company.

C & F is structured in such a manner that insures we have the ability to serve each client’s special needs. We are committed to providing unparalleled quality and performance within a well-coordinated strategy and open, clear communication.